5 comments on “Entering the world of the blog

  1. Hey Jim,
    I love it! Great way to utilize your gifts of writing and speaking into people’s lives. I remember reading this 1st chapter of your book. I still love it and remember the struggle and process before you went to the community. It was one of those times when you know that God is calling you do do something but you can’t help but think “but this doesn’t make any sense.” Actually most times that God has called me to do something I tend to think that it doesn’t make any sense. Of course it doesn’t. I don’t have all the information that God has about me and my life. Nor do I have his all seeing, all knowing “stuff”. Ah but I digress!
    Yeah – all to say – way to go Jim!

  2. Jim,
    I loved it! Good to hear you are continually developing the talent God gave you. I am anxious to read the next segment.


  3. Jim,
    I just wanted to congratulate you on the book getting picked up! I wish you all the best and I am very happy for you. Keep up the hard work and it will do good not only for you, but for those who read it.

  4. Well i stopped at the Healing of Namaan, but will continue tomarrow. I think i understood most of what you were saying and will probable have to reread it again. You really have a way with words and it was easy to understand and thats important to me. Me

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