22 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Matthew 14:28-30

  1. Maybe they (we) laugh at Peter because we see in him so many of our own foibles. True, Peter did have to step out of the boat, step out on faith, but he wasn’t exactly ‘successful’. And still Christ was there for him, no judgment, no chastising, just a little clucking of his tongue.

    I like to think that’s how God sees me when I slip and fall on my own ego. I like to see him shaking his head, yet still smiling. That’s kind of how I like to see Peter – doing his best, often falling short, but still loved by God and held up as a hero.

  2. I really like what you had say. As I was reading the post the thought came to me: “Well done good and faithful servant.” Those are words I believe Peter heard after being crucified in spite of all the “failings”. And those are words I hope to hear. I wonder at times if I will but then I read about people like Peter and hope is restored. He made mistakes, bad choices however one wants to label it but God still used him and God’s Kingdom was still furthered. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Bob,

    Thanks for visiting via Facebook. We’re certainly in agreement regarding Peter. God specializes in using the “foolish” things of this world to get His work done. I figure if He is using me, He can use anyone! How well I am discovering that it is in my powerlessness that He shows His true power, and through my lack of talent and ability He shows Himself more than capable. If we could do everything on our own, we wouldn’t need the Lord.


    That’s a great line: “Slip and fall on my own ego.” I’m going to shamelessly steal that line and if my ego let’s me, remember to quote you…



  4. “I told the men’s group that anyone who can delight in laughing at Peter simply has no comprehension of their own sin.” That’s funny. I see myself sitting there and wondering why I am there. Hoping I might have something positive to contribute and inevitably, I say something profoundly true and realize I just don’t fit in and likely won’t be back. 🙂

  5. Peter requesting to be crucified upside down is not part of Scripture. It is found in The Acts of Peter, written in the 2nd half of the 2nd century. It was condemned in the decree of Pope Gelasius and was not admitted to the Canon.

  6. Can you give me a bible reference that talks about Peters wife being crucified?

  7. God’s work. So back in June when I stumbled across your site I decided to send this to the women in my Bible Study Class. Since then things just happened. Our pastor decided to devote his sermons over the summer on Peter. Our Bible Study class starting up since the summer break has decided to study Peter. I had been feeling some ambivalence about continuing to attend Bible Study class due to relationship issues (with my fellow classmates and certainly NOT with my Lord). I’d say the Lord wants me to continue studying His word in that class. Isn’t it just like Him to work in this way?!? How I love Him! And you were used by our Lord to start it all… God bless!

  8. Mikiepensit,

    Wow. Thank you for your comment. It is so humbling to know that something I wrote a while back is still being used by God to touch people. But every once in a while God still reminds me He is using my blog or my book in ways that glorify Him. Please feel free to use anything you find on my blog, for that is what its there for.



  9. Thank you for writing a great article! It truly blessed me to look at the BIGGER picture! Oh, how great and wonderful God is to bless us to really see truth in its luminous form. We can definately be one sided in our thoughts at times but I do believe wholeheartedly that God would rather for us to stay open to see the full picture and not a narrow view. Thanks again and God bless you brother!

  10. I have been in the same predicament where I have laughed at Peter not because I am making fun but because I am so glad that there is a me in the bible I can relate to. I so often do the same and I love how you put it, leap to just sink in the end, one too many times. But I hope to also be a Peter although there are so many faults in me, my Jesus look at me and see a someone to make a difference. Blessings!

  11. When I first read your title I expected something totally different than what you wrote. I was ready to defend Peter before I got past the first sentence because he has become to me an inspiration and a great example to the dysfunctional ne’er do wells. He gives the messed up loser hope.

    Can you imagine the second morning after the rooster crowed. That day was introduced by a new crowing instantly reminding Peter of his failure again and Satan was right there accusing him and sifting him like wheat. I imagine Peter again going into the throes of another bitter weeping session. Then again in the third morning, the fourth and so on..

    He only became the apostle he did because he was able to turn Satan’s accusations of unworthiness into Jesus’s affirmations of love. If Peter had only listened to Satan the rest of his life we would not be reading Peter’s espistles. Instead we do therefore Peter somehow learned to change the meaning of the crows.

    Each Peter wheh heard the rooster crow instead of thinking of his denial, he thought of Jesus’s love! Jesus still loved him! Jesus still cared for him! Jesus gave him a charge! “Feed my sheep.”

    It was when he was able to focus on Jesus love when the rooster crowed that his life was transformed. I believe from then on Peter loved hearing the rooster crow each morning so much that he may have even had one with him as a reminder of Christ’s love.

    I was glaid to see that your article was basically the same.

    Thanks, God Bless.

  12. Yes I do agree Thomas! I had just recently been made aware of the fact that Peter had to hear the rooster crow for the rest of his life. Isn’t it so true for all of us. The sins we commit so often leave such sorrowful repercussions that we are reminded of our failures all the days of our lives. Only completely washed away when we leave this world. But each such reminder is also a reminder of His forgiveness and His love. And if we end up weeping then know that He is weeping with us. I weep to Him. It has only deepened my relationship with Him and helped me to persevere in this tough journey to get home to be with our Father!

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