3 comments on “God Doesn’t Owe Me An Apology

  1. I love this, Jim!!! I never thought about it this way in these words, but I do believe everything you said. I’ve never blamed God nor asked why, but I never thought of writing it out like you have! I still Miss Barbara so much!!! Like you, I am so grateful I met her! I am so grateful I had my son for 35 years and I had my sweet Dudley as my friend for a lifetime and as my husband for almost 10 years, seven years before his mind began to go. Again, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts so beautifully!!!

    Elaine Dancer

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  2. Hi Jim. I happened to revisit your site. Last time I did on August 31 2009, I had just read your Laughing at Peter and felt compelled to comment. Both then and now I read what you have to say and cannot but say Amen! I am very sorry for the loss with your wife. Wonderfully lovely pic of the two of you! I am sure she will be waiting for you… But if grief overcomes you at times, may you bury yourself in His arms and find comfort in Him. A decade later, my love and faith in our heavenly Father is deeper and more precious than gold. I would not expect His apology because in all His perfection He makes no mistakes. And all His decisions are for good albeit we may not be able to see it at the time. I suppose it all comes down to trusting Him completely with things to come. But as we follow Jesus and learn from Him, I have come to see perhaps the hardest lesson for us happened that night in Gethsemane… Not my will but Yours be done. God bless and Love in Christ!

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