8 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — 2 Chronicles 32:31

  1. Good word, Bro! I can’t count the times I’ve heard God’s people forget to give Him glory after He has used them in some miraculous event. They eventually get around to it, but not before they tell everyone how they ‘heard’ and they ‘did’! Sometimes, I think we all take too much for granted where it concerns giving thanks and Glory to God for the way He moved us and positioned us and used us to the purpose of being involved with Him in those miraculous events. Hmmm….I’m going to ponder this awhile, because even though I’m sure God is gracious and kind when we are just excited about Him mentoring us in the miraculous, I still want to be carefully mindful of Him and praise and glorify Him first. Thanks for the illumination! ^_^

  2. Thanks, Anton. Always nice to know that something that’s been bothering me is also bothering someone else! Glad it could speak to you.



  3. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this account and never really saw this until now. It really speaks to my heart about several memorable occasions when I felt alone. Sad to say I failed most often. One thing, though, how you put this reminds me of Gethsemane. Jesus kept seeking the Father and finally found him in the angel. I think our sins began to weigh upon him somewhere between the upper room and Mt. Olivet. Our sins began to separate his fellowship with the Father. He said that because of this he was near death. I am so ashamed to have not always followed this example. As you say, life is found in his presence and not in other things.

  4. Eddie,

    I’m glad that something the Holy Spirit showed me was a help to you. That is the reason I write. I pray you stay close to His presence and find by doing so, everything else in life that struggles for our attention will find it’s proper place.


  5. Just wanted to tell you, even though this particular post was written 7 years ago, it is still relevant to me. I was trying to understand the verse, God withdrew from Hezekiah… wondering what it really means. Thanks for beautiful exposition. it has helped me to see the verse in a different perspective. Thank you pastor once again.

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