7 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Matthew 14:25

  1. This was awesome!! Thank you. Lots to meditate upon and ponder. I shared with my hubby a few backs that the we are in the biggest storm of our lives, but God’s faithfulness and love has also been the greatest!

  2. You are right…
    Sometimes, ministry isn’t what we think at all.
    Construction site, public school system…etc…
    Our boat, it usually doesn’t carry what we need, or go in the right directon.

    Many Blessings…

  3. Thanks Jim. I picked you up from the link to iMonk.
    This is exactly where I am at. As a (always bi-vocational) Bible teacher, preacher, interim Pastor for thirty years in over a dozen churches, I am now out of work for almost a year, out of ministry position for several months, seeking the Lord’s desire and find I need “His boat”.
    In prayers this morning I confessed I am at the end of me, all the good adjectives are laid down now. Makes me wonder if it has always been Jesus I’ve been carrying in my boat…
    SMHG John

  4. O brother, ((hugs)) and amen. What a humbling post so raw and full of God’s truth. I just love the way you express God’s wisdom in your writings. Hmmm…he doesn’t need my boat…well…that’s pretty easy… I don’t see that I have one. I guess that’s a good place for a full time stay at home mom to be at. God, take me use me with my family and friends. When I walk into a room, may I be like Jim and may other’s see a reflection of you in me.

    Merry Christmas Jim! I am thankful for brothers and sisters in Christ like you, especially as we celebrate the birth of our King.

  5. Dear Jim, I reached here from a link a friend sent to me. Didn’t know she was reading your blog too.

    This is exactly where I find myself at the moment. Exactly. I have been depending on my boat and not ready to realise that Jesus doesn’t need mine. Your post goes against conventional wisdom and teachings of management and even identifying the will for God in our lives. That’s great.

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