11 comments on “Telling Yourself The Truth

  1. Thanks for commenting on our blog Jim!

    I’m curious how you got connected with a monastery in Arkansas from being A/G in California. It seems like an unlikely journey. Is there more about it on your blog somewhere? Was it a challenge to be a monk and keep your A/G papers?

  2. Put me on your “Want to buy book” list! Speaking of healing…

    I have a pentecostal believing friend with the gift of healing. He has a family member in a wheel chair. He has done all he knows to do to get his family member healed. What’s your take on that?

    Hoping you have read enough of my stuff, to know I am not baiting you and have a sincere desire to understand.

  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do need to share how I went from California to a monastery in Arkansas. Basically, I had deep questions about Christian Spirituality after reading Richard Foster’s book CELEBRATION OF DISCIPLINE. I knew John Michael Talbot, the founder of the monastic community, because his brother Terry lived in the same town as I did and I was the wedding photographer at Terry’s wedding. I spoke with John about my questions and my understanding that God wanted me to remain single. John invited me to visit the Little Portion community. I did, got hooked, and moved there. I told the A/G after I arrived what I was doing. Yep, I asked forgiveness instead of permission. They looked into my situation, said they didn’t understand it, but I wasn’t doing anything wrong, either. Basically, they didn’t have a category for me so they left me alone! So, I maintained my credentials for the entire time I was a monk. All of this is in my book, which I hope to see published soon. However, your comment makes me think I need to blog more of my story about joining the Brothers and Sisters of Charity at the Little Portion Hermitage. Thanks again for asking.


  4. Jim, now you have totally shattered my “cool” image of you! *grins* J/K. Isn’t it interesting the way the truth always has a way of coming out. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences in the monastery.

  5. I remember that visit and your big lip. The truth is great hugh. I did not have trouble breathing but was coughing alot and we thought it was the pine so i went to a motel. It was my smoking that caused it. Sure wish i could cough not lol. I had a great time at the little portion. I was a wonderful place.

  6. Most of the time I am so dense that God has to take a two-by-four to my forehead to get my attention or to wake me from my slumber, but now I can feel grateful that He’s never given me a fat lip.

    Pax Et Bonum!

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