18 comments on “Kung-Fu Praying

  1. I stumbled upon your blog last weekend and kept reading since. I recognize myself in most of the situations you are describing, and I’d be happy to pass along some of your insightful thoughts to the benefit of others (my Romanian readers).
    My blog is written in Romanian and I sometimes offer to my readers quotations and excerpts in English. With your permission I would like to post excerpts from your articles on my blog.

    Looking forward to read more of your articles.


  2. Gellius,

    I be honored for you to publish my articles for your Romanian readers. Be sure to link back to my blog in case anyone wants to read it. Thanks for the compliment.



  3. This reminded me of a quote by Martin Smith… “What if God does not demand prayer as much as gives prayer?
    What if God wants prayer in order to satisfy us? What if prayer is a means of God nourishing, restoring, healing, converting us? Suppose prayer is primarily allowing ourselves to be loved, addressed and claimed by God? What if praying means opening ourselves to the gift of God’s own self and presence? What if our part in prayer is primarily letting God be giver? Suppose prayer is not a duty but the opportunity to experience healing and transforming love?”

    Good stuff here, Jim. I love the Kung Fu analogy!

  4. Jim,
    Great strategy in prayer. At Grace Point we are taking the Soul Revolution challenge of praying every 60 minutes for 60 days. We are in the 1st week of the challenge and are loving it. I will incorporate your strategy in my prayers.

    Have you ever noticed how many times the phone will ring, a dog will bark, a child will cry or some other distraction will occur right as you bow in prayer.

    How does the evil one pull that off?


  5. Jim,

    As always you hit it on the head. I love the way you think brother and God has truly given you understanding. You are my favorite kind of person… HUNGRY for all the best spiritually in search of constant growth.

    The scripture that came to my mind when you talked about the negative thoughts interrupting your prayers is, “Lord I believe, help thou mine unbelief.” Your submission and giving those inpure-interrupted thoughts to God as another form of sacrifice is an elevated level of comfort with a God who already knows your thoughts and understands your humanity.

    Great post! Well worth my time! I thank you!

  6. Thanks for another great post, Jim. One of my favorite prayers reminds me to be grateful for everything that comes my way, because all things are opportunity. Everything, and I mean everything, wants to make a gift of itself to us. It becomes a problem or obstacle or challenge, etc., only when I am unable to receive it as a blessing. When I block it, the little self colors it with its fears and weaknesses and can no longer see the gift. When I remember gratitude, the fear begins to melt and love has its way. “Perfect love casts out fear.”


  7. Thanks for this great illustration! Who would have thought that Kung Fu could teach us something about dealing with distractions in prayer!

  8. Jim —

    Thank you for the encouragement on my post. Your “kung-fu” post was good to read. It reminds me of a passage in “New Seeds of Contemplation” in which Thomas Merton describes the futility of getting worked up by distractions. In they come, out they go, like actors across the stage —

    Peace of Christ,

  9. I came on your blog and stopped by out of curiosity. I work with people who are developmentally disabled with a ministry called Special Gathering. Our sole mission is evangelism and discipleship of this important segment of the population. Our founder is also A/G though we are an inter-denominational ministry with 8 programs sponsored by about 75 to 80 local churches.

    I do a daily blog (http://specialgathering.wordpress.com) and I would like to put your blog on my blogroll. I’ve been selective, including only specialized ministries and my daughter’s blog. However, I really think my readers would benefit from reading your writings. Thank you for considering my including your blog.

  10. Enjoyed your writing on prayer. I loved your “wandering thoughts” remedy ~ just pray about it. That will turn a flustrating negative right into a positive blessing. Thanks, Shear

  11. Shear,

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m always encouraged when something I’ve learned can help others in their walk with Christ.



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