4 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Genesis 6:22

  1. Jim,

    I agree with differing the terms of faithfulness and moral “perfection.” Perhaps that scripture is saying that Noah did all the Lord said where it concerns building the arc…or choosing the animals etc.

    I believe you have done the same as far as following specific instructions.. including the work you do in ministry now. To strive to continue the path of personal obedience is always a good thing.

    As always Jim you are blessed with the gift of great insightfulness.

  2. Good thoughts Jim. That would be great if some mildly deceived person would say of me, “Jon did all God commanded.” Not that it’s about fooling others… 🙂 But to actually live a life following God’s will to the extent that others notice is a good challenge.

  3. Jim,

    I am new to wordpress. Your comment the other day to one of my posts was the first comment I recieved. Since, I have been keeping track of your posts. I got a kick out of your line in this one about Noah enjoying a good Merlot.

    I also liked the line that I will close with. I have experienced the truth of it.

    ‘Perhaps if I will spend more time focusing upon the instructions of God’s Word regarding what I do that pleases God, I may find in the fulfillment of those items less time and desire to do those things which displease Him.’

  4. Paul said it right when he questioned why it was he continued to do the things he shouldn’t and didn’t do the things he should. Yet, would anyone be so bold to walk up to Paul and tell him he was wrong. Ha!

    If only I can be so obedient as to live the life of Paul and readily admit to my failures….

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