5 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Genesis 15:12-16

  1. Another refreshing read.

    “Not only is God preparing you and me for the next phase or our lives, He is also waiting patiently for others to find their place in His will.”

    That was a wonderful thought. It made me realise that each of us have a special place in His plans. No one is going to stamp on my feet when I’m placed somewhere according to God’s plan. Oh what a blessed feeling that realisation brought.

    Thanks Jim for being such a wonderful instrument for our Lord.

  2. Thanks for posting this…. this passage was bothering me too and a google search turned up your post.

    It is interesting that I’m grappling with some of the “detours” in my life at this point in time. This passage of scripture just happened to be in my daily reading and was not necessarily “bothering” me as it relates to my “detour(s)”, but rather that I just didn’t “get it”. Yet, in your post I find the fingerprint of God speaking to my detours….that is so totally God (and awesome)!

  3. Neal,

    Thanks for letting me know this spoke to you. Bloggers tend to write and then wonder, “Is this REALLY making a difference to anyone?” Then we receive comments like yours and it helps me remember God is still using me to help others. Even in a small way. Even over the internet.



  4. Hello Jim:

    I really enjoyed your post about Abram and how God’s promise has a different timing than what we may consider appropriate. As a limitless God, I have to assume our Heavenly Father does not consider time as we do. What is 25 years to God who knows no beginning or end? But, your point is well taken.

    When I study Abram’s life, one of the lessons I learn about our “detours” is that they can be detours of disobedience. Much like the detour of Abram leaving the land of promise to go to Egypt in Gen. 12 and then he lied about Sarai. Yet, God turned Abram’s disobedience and decption into something that advances His own plan. With hindsight, I see that God had helped Abram along the way from the calling out of Ur, enriching his life and growng his estate all along the way… even providing a temporary heir for his household (why did Lot follow from Ur?). Why would Abram think that God would not provide for his household during a famine? Once Abram escaped from the dangers of his lies and disobedience and migrated back into the land of promise, his reaction was worship … as ours should always be. God used these things for good according to God’s purpose.

    But, my ultimate point is that God is executing a single, albiet infinately complex, plan that started before the creation of the Earth and will end in His glorification in the Day of the Lord. This includes the weaving in of all our lives (whether obedient or disobedient) into His plan. The higher question then is does God’s plan account for, anticipate, adjust, for our detours. I’m not sure I’m smart enough to figure out this theological principle, but I’m just glad that when my detours do happen, whether by something good or ill, that my God is not shaken by them and His will cannot be thwarted.

    This very thing was reinforced when even after God appeared and made a covenant with Abram, Abram and Sarai took matters into their own hands and tried to speed up God’s plan by having Abram sire a son through Hagar. Immediate results were problematic; long-term results were divine.

    He is a good and gracious God.


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