2 comments on “Compelled to Board the Boat

  1. When India was a tiny baby and learning to crawl, I would play with her on the floor. For a while, she could only crawl backward (which was hilarious, btw!). But she kept at it and finally one day she saw a toy on the floor and started to crawl towards it. Naturally, being a good Father, I pulled her back a foot or so and made her start again. The look she gave me!! So she started toward her toy and I pulled her back again. You see, in her infancy, she thinks the toy is the goal. As her parent, I knew better. She needed to tone her muscles, learn to focus on a task, and learn to coordinate.

    Also, (and this is the un-God like part of me) there was nothing in the house as much fun as frustrating my kid.

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