3 comments on “Pleasing People

  1. Oh how God punctured my heart with this blog.
    While in Santa Paula, I had a speaking ministry and I was aware at the time, that I was pumping up my ego as I watched people fall under the spell of my words and actions.
    Do you remember your mother saying that I was the most dramatic person she’d ever seen? Well, I put that quality to good use in my speaking ministry. Also in my teaching ministry and writing ministry.
    For my 75th birthday I gave my friends and family a book I’d written, My Life in 365 Days. I could hardly wait to receive the appreciation and compliments that I was certain would follow.
    However, many of the people I gave it to, still have not read it.
    Thank you for your blog and never stop pleasing God. I know he is pleased with you…sbr

  2. Sue,

    Thanks for the comments. I, too, have sent my book out to a few people to preview and they’ve never read through it. We’re just not as important to many people as we want to believe. This article also goes along with one I wrote called An Audience of One. As long as I remember it is God I’m out to please, everything else will fall into place.



  3. Ummm. Yes. I am a both- Natalie people pleaser. (Hand coming down)

    however thank God I am not where I was! Glory!!!!!

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