2 comments on “The Look of Joy

  1. Last night, my husband got a speeding ticket for driving 30 mph in a 25 mph zone…..while driving a van load of kids to church. ( Had to laugh when I read this. ) My husband, bless his heart, needed a bit of joy. He walked to my 1-2 grade class, who had already “reported” the incident, to tell me. I said “I know you aren’t to happy about this….but the kids think you’re kinda cool!” Much of life is how you view it, while keeping in mind that God has everything under control! I always enjoy reading your thoughtful posts. BTW, where might we purchase your book?

  2. Ruth,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’d be lacking joy, too, if I got a ticket for doing 25 in a 30 mph zone! I’ll keep you posted on where you can purchase my books. Many of my friends want autographed copies, and they’ll get those from me. Or, you can go to my Amazon, B&N, etc. Are you on Facebook? I’ll post my address there or reply in person if anyone wants a book. I hope to have a link soon on my blog for purchasing the book.



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