2 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Luke 21:2-4

  1. Great thoughts, Jim. I was hearing from the Lord this morning about this very thing… the ugliness of pride and the different forms it takes. Wrestling with motivations, confessing wrong attitudes, seeking His strength to turn from those things and give Him everything. Thanks for the confirmation today 🙂

  2. Thanks for confirming I was on the right track! I’m still struggling with this. We were teaching in James a while back. It talks about the rich whose fine clothes are moth-eaten rags (5:2). A couple of days later I go to pick up a suit from the cleaners, only to notice a moth had eaten part of the jacket. Great. Now I am so rich I have clothes rotting without noticing it. It is making me rethink where I spend my money. More than ever I’m interested in investing in the Kingdom and people and not the latest gadget or vacation. Then a few days ago I get hit with the poor widow woman. Do ya think God is telling me something?



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