4 comments on “What Martial Arts Taught Me about Prayer

  1. I agree, in someways, with this article. As a Martial Artist I practice many martial arts. Each has it’s own way at doing things. Taekwondo is in itself a very effective martial art. It’s not about bashing the other person into submission. The moves are specific to what they are. A punch is only good if it hurts the opponet. Same with kicks. Kung Fu is the same. There’s actually two styles of Taekwondo and countless styles and substyles of Kung Fu. The attitude of Taekwondo is the same as Kung Fu. The first thing my master taught me in Taekwondo was to run. The second was to fight back defensivly. Sparring Taekwondo and Defensive Taekwondo and hugly different yet similar in many ways. Defensive is more about hitting weaker areas of the body so you can run. Defensive often uses throwing and locking techniques. Sparring is painful. Sparring is about winning.

  2. Michael,

    Of course you are right, but I fear you missed my main point. I spoke in very general terms about two styles of martial arts and compared them to two ways of dealing with distractions in prayer. My goal was not to talk about the subtle within and between the two styles, but to help those who are seeking to know God better through a life of prayer.

    I must disagree with one point. When I sparred with another martial artist, my goal was not to “win” but to learn. I was not seeking to beat my Taekwondo opponent, but to learn from him to help me become better at kung-fu. Likewise in prayer, it is not my goal to beat up the devil (it may be others, but it is not mine), but as I learn his tricks I can become a better man of prayer and ultimately a better Christian.

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