One comment on “My Least Favorite Scripture

  1. Hi Jim:
    Though I’ve come to your blog only today, I find that I’m amused by your provocative headlines and edified by the content of your postings themselves.

    Regarding the reference to faith in Hebrews 11, I can share what I’ve learned. When added to the excellent point you make about the many examples of faith that inform our understanding of what faith is, I believe we can have a more complete picture.

    Something that has helped me in this verse is to review the key words here in the Greek.

    Substance = compound Greek word for “beneath, under” and “to stand”. Thus, I’ve come to understand that “substance” used here in this verse is a foundational truth upon which something stands or rests.

    I’ve come to learn that the word hope as it appears in the New Testament is commonly misunderstood. We have a different idea of the meaning of hope in modern times than the way it was used in the time of the writing of most of the books of the New Testament. Today, hope is essentially wishing for something.

    Hope = Greek word for “expect, usually with pleasure” or “confident assurance”. Thus, I’ve come to understand “hope” in the New Testament to mean something for which I am assured.

    So … faith is the foundational truth upon which stands my assurance of God’s promises; namely, that my deserved penalty for my sin has been paid. Thus, my life is changed and my new life and lifestyle is evidence (“proof”) of this unseen thing.

    I don’t know if that’s helpful for others, but it has been helpful to me to really get to understand this notion of hope in the Bible. The great hope of the Bible is not something we wish for, it is something we can be fully assured of … that by belief we can be reckoned as righteous and be positionally in Christ from God’s perspective.

    In Him,

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