4 comments on “The Weed Eater Made Me Do It!

  1. I think you were trying to justify your sin even though there was no punishment to be had. ever thought of being a lawyer… or a comic… I thought it was cute… Though I imagined you as a child… because it fit more… and then I laughed…

    Because all too often I can relate… Just this afternoon, I was trying my hardest to put in a new frame for the back door… I measured the door 31 3/4, I measured the hole 31 1/2… THEN I did something retarded… ah… its close it will fit… UMM… NO…

    SO I finally got it to 31 3/4… but when I tried to get the frame in it gave me trouble… so I got mad… childish isn’t it… I took a minute and finally got the frame in… BUT now the door is too low… so it wouldn’t fit… it was just problem after problem… I was completely irritated… and I shouldn’t have… I think even though I blamed the DOOR for not fitting… I knew inside it was my own incompetence… and that’s what truly made me mad…

  2. Most of us, when we feel the need to confess, also feel the need to justify. It is a lesson that is hard to learn. When I say “I’m sorry,” I need to say it and leave it alone. If the person I’m apologizing to wants more commentary, let them ask. This story shows how difficult it is to share our sin without justifying our actions. Also, thanks for laughing. That was one of the purposes of sharing the story.



  3. Yeah, John nailed me good. When I asked him if he remembered the incident, he said he did not. That makes me wonder just how much we build up offenses in our own minds, keeping track of our every mistake, when we’re the only ones who remember!

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