2 comments on “The Faith To Love

  1. Great post, Jim.

    A terrific Law post. Yes, our faith frees us from the navel gazing, self-transcendent spiritual ladder climbing, religious project. Yes we are free to love our neighbor, as our Lord did.

    But so often that Old Adam, who still resides in us, just wills us to move inward. We are obsessed with the self. We often put ourselves first.

    But our Lord knows this about us. We are fully sinful, yet fully justified in Christ. That is what drove the Roman Church nuts during the Reformation. But it is true.

    We certainly are a mixed bag, aren’t we? Thanks be to God that Christ Jesus loves sinners. Real sinners. Not the half righteous/half sinful kind.

  2. How do we convince the world that those “selling” gifts are not doing the true work of God? Maybe we (I) just need to be silent and allow actions to speak! It sure does get frustrating sometimes.

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