5 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Hebrews 11:7

  1. Right!

    Faith comes by example. The Bible tells us that…right?

    Or is it “faith comes by hearing”?

    God works through His Word. Preached, taught, and administered in the sacraments.

    And the gret thing about it is that he uses ordinary sinful men and women to convey that Word.

    Now that’s a REAL GOD!

  2. Thanks be to God that He does use us, broken sinners, all. He even uses our sin for His purposes.

    You are right. That is a REAL GOD…not dependent on ‘what we do’.

  3. I thought you were going to write about what bothers me a bit about this verse — that by his faith, “Noah condemns the rest of the world.” I love your post, nevertheless! Would you mind at all if I tackle that part of the verse — I mean, since it may appear like ‘stealing.’ 😀 Carley

  4. Carley,

    For me, the challenge was that Noah condemned the world because of his act of obedience, not the multitude of his words. However, if you have another take on it, go right ahead ant tackle it. I wouldn’t see it as “stealing.” You might be surprised how many of these articles I call Scriptures That Bother Me come from seeds I’ve picked up from other writers and speakers!


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