4 comments on “Tale of the Towel

  1. Not to be controversial or anything, I have often thought of why Jesus mentions serving so much.
    Well, women do this naturally. Christian women often live and breathe service to others..i.e. their families, relatives, neighbors, and other church members.

    Maybe Jesus thought that the other gender needed to hear this because in their natural state, they are not servers. In Jesus’ time to serve was a very lowly position. Women were considered lowly, so service didn’t lower them socially. But the other gender looked at service as “women’s work” and some still do this today.

    In fact, when Jesus mentions serving, some women in the church tire themselves out serving, when in fact, Jesus was talking to everyone..not just the women.


  2. I struggle with these issues as I serve at our current church. I’ve been a worship leader for over 10 years. But now, I’m not. I’m not even playing or singing. But I’m doing a lot behind the scenes with technology and lighting. It seems that God is teaching me a new avenue of service. And that’s okay.

  3. Jeff,
    I’ve been there. Went from Senior Pastor to an unknown in a big church. I went months and months before I ever taught the Word. I talk about some of those struggles in my book, but mostly God was teaching me about Himself. And that, my friend, is His main theme. We like to think life is wrapped around our feelings and desires, but Scripture is loudly silent when it comes to asking us how we feel about things. It is more concerned with teaching us about the character of Jesus. And remember this: where you are now is simply preparation to where God is leading you. If you have a teachable spirit and are willing to follow Him ANYWHERE, you will find yourself enjoying your ministry in ways you never thought possible.

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