8 comments on “The Top Ten Albums I Absolutely Wore Out

  1. What’s an album? Haha Just kidding, my step dad had a HUGE album collection…. I grew up to Jackson Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Billy Joel and Genesis! Have agreat weekend, and thanks for sharing your fun side!

  2. Tiffany,
    I should probably do a “Wore Out Part 2” to include Genesis, Seawind, 2nd Chapter of Acts. Bob Seger, Boz Scaggs, Flim and the BB’s (bet you haven’t hear of them!) and even Chuck Berry!

  3. I wore out Yessongs, which had a live recording of Close To the Edge, along with other songs. I also wore out “Yellow Brick Road.” My copy of The Joshua Tree is a CD…I would have worn that out, too. But my top album that I wore out would still have to be “Horrendous Disc,” by Daniel Amos. It may very well be my favorite album of all time.

  4. Jeff,
    Yessongs was probably one of their best live albums. I still like to listen to them, and try to keep up with Rick Wakeman, who is a Christian. A bit of trivia — Rick was the piano player on Cat Steven’s recording of “Mornings is Broken.” I did wear out Sweet Comfort Band’s first album, but that was because I used to see them in Thousand Oaks, CA before that album came out.

  5. Wakeman played on “Morning Has Broken?” Wow. I did not know that. I did know that he had become a Christian, but I haven’t heard much from him in recent years. I love the excerpt from his “Six Wives” that is on Yessongs!

  6. You know what’s funny? As soon as I read your comment, I could “hear” it. I didn’t even have to listen to it. I recalled the piano work and though, “yep, that WAS Wakeman, wasn’t it??” That’s really crazy! Thanks for that revelation.

  7. Jeff,
    I did the same thing. As soon as I was told, I knew it. It makes me wonder why I didn’t hear it soon. Also, it makes for a GREAT trivia question. Especially for Yes fans.

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