5 comments on “No More False Positive Confessions

  1. this is (pants) on fire…well said Jim. I struggle with getting the balance right – to tell the truth without details to someone who’s asked but can’t handle the whole answer.

  2. It’s no surprise that the Truth is offensive to many, in general, and “Christians” in particular. Very few humans like being held to a higher standard. Those who follow hard after Christ welcome the opportunity to grow in their walk & relationship with Christ. The truth is “there is no room for offense in the body of Christ”, yet we feel like we have to make excuses (for Him?) so as not to offend. Many of us need to leave the adolescence of our relationship with Him behind and move on to a more mature level*.

    I’ve learned when someone asks me how things are going to be honest. Sometimes the answer is not too good (or life stinks right now) but God is good. If they want details, they’ll ask. If not, the superficial nature of their question has at least received an honest response.

    *For perersonal study: “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges.

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  4. Deby,

    Thanks for your reply, especially the part about leaving the adolescence of our relationship for a more mature level. Spot on. I’m also learning not to take offense at people who flippantly say, “How are you?” when they really mean no more than “Good morning” or simply “Hello.” Those who know me may really want to know, but I still make the error of giving an honest answer to a disinterested question. Sigh. But I’m learning. Slowly.

  5. Beth,
    I don’t go out of my way to offend someone who can’t handle the whole answer, but I’ll admit that I’ve taken some weird pleasure in making people uncomfortable with both my answer to their question and my sharper answer to the surprise they show to my honesty. I try not to do that, but sometime the devil in me speaks before the Holy Spirit in me is given the chance to edit (Did you catch that I took not responsibility in that one?)!

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