2 comments on “Undeniable

  1. Hey yeah Jim I had that once. I truly want and feel like I need that in my life, the (no denying he has been with Jesus.) I know that what it takes is spending time with Him in that secret place. Letting Him know how much you need and want Him to be in complete control of your life. I will repent for my weariness & spend more time alone with Him where He can renew my love, & need for Him to be in complete control. I do not even know why I have grown weary in well doing. My Wife always tells me
    when I am going through difficult times, (Andy you just need to let Jesus love you.)

    And I believe when we let Him love us then we can see the world around us through His eyes & share His love with them easier and bolder. I don’t believe we are saved just to sit at home & enjoy it but so we can share the hope of the gospel with the world around us. I want to be bolder in sharing without turning people away from Him.

    I sense in my spirit the Lord calling to me Andy rise up and walk, in all that I have done for you and share the Love that I have shown you with the rest of the people I send into your life. Because I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, I am only ashamed of what I have done with it at times, (which has been little.) Lord help me with this. Thanks for listening, Andy

  2. Andy,

    Perhaps it is time for you to rise up and walk. You’re not the first person to feel guilty for you’re lack of involvement in sharing the Gospel, so you don’t win a unique award. Sorry. Now walk. Do it. You can exercise by thinking about it, and you don’t share the Gospel by accumulating good thoughts about others. Furthermore, you don’t get God to love you more because you behave in ways you think are acceptable. He loves you completely and unconditionally now. Maybe its time to just accept that. And when you do, you might be surprised at the energy you have to just do the right thing.

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