3 comments on “Jesus MADE Them Struggle

  1. Thank you, Pastor. Often I have heard only the aspect of Peter beginning to sink because he took his eyes off of The Lord being shared. That is to say that He compels us to step out of our boats in trust and faith, on the onset we do but when the storms of life rage against us, we take our eyes off of Him & begin to sink in our doubt & fear. The other aspect a friend once shared with me is that sometimes when in a situation where it is difficult, The Lord answers the shortest but sincerest of prayers. Peter cried, “Lord, save me!” And The Lord did just that. Now I’m thinking it also means Peter remembered that Christ could save him. It is important to remember, but not always easy.

  2. And that should have read “situations in which it is difficult to pray in detail”
    It is hard to understand His ways, we have been told that God does not inflict adversity but He does ALLOW it sometimes like in Job’s case, for God reasons of course. But it is still hard to understand why He’d MAKE us go into a boat that’ll take us into a storm, that He already knows will be there. Sometimes its even hard to know if He is the One telling us to get into that boat and go through that storms because it “seems” so unlike Him. It shows how much we do not know of Him. Well God is God and if we could fully understand Him, He wouldn’t be God. He knows our end from our beginning so trust is a must “Oh, Peter, you have so little faith….” Let Him Reign.

  3. I like your comment, “It shows how much we do not know of Him.” We are the finite created who will NEVER fully understand the infinite Creator. THAT is why heaven is for eternity!

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