4 comments on “Our Common Jesus

  1. Jim,

    This is an interesting post. I know Catholics who I am absolutely convinced have a saving relationship with Jesus, but there seem to be teachings of the RC Church which do not line up with Scripture. Being “bilingual”, could you illuminate the meaning of Mary being Co-redemtrix with Jesus?

  2. Dave,

    Great question. First off, I would say that Mary’s role as Co-Redeemer and Mediatrix of grace is not a formally defined dogma of the Catholic Church. a good article on this, which says it better than I can, can be found at http://www.catholic.com/magazine/articles/mary-mother-of-salvation. Basically it says Mary is not equal to Jesus in salvation, for His death is all sufficient for our salvation. Quoting from the article, Catholics “don’t suggest that Mary’s cooperation with God is equal to Christ’s work. It is of a different order, but it is necessary nonetheless. Mother Teresa’s words “No Mary, No Jesus” express a profound truth. God chose to bring his Son into the world through the cooperation of Mary. Without that cooperation there would have been no Incarnation and therefore no Redemption.”

    Hope this helps.


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