2 comments on “I am NOT a Ditto Head

  1. Jim, I think you’ve also touched on a reason a lot of people who are outside the church avoid “church”….they feel like they don’t/can’t/won’t fit the mold of what someone else thinks a Christian should “be” (I’m not talking about accepting sin but allow a persons valuable unique qualities to flourish). Unfortunately (as you’ve pointed out), that mold isn’t one-size-fits-all, and if anything can only serve to limit real gifts/talents that would make the church more attractive to those outside looking in.

    As always, I appreciate your thoughts and writings.
    One of the 1/2 dozen,

  2. Thank you, Neale. I remain one who tries to help people find their gifts and purpose in the church WITHOUT having to get my approval for who they are. And I am glad to know you are one of the 1/2 dozen!

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