3 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Genesis 22:9

  1. Wow, this is something I have struggled with over the last 8 or 9 months. It’s amazing to see God work though when you step out in faith and allow his will to direct your life. I’ve wondered a lot things like “Why God, why did you take me from this work that was good and working for you?” Sometimes, we get to comfortable and he needs to test us to see that we will follow him unconditionally. That was the message I took from the story of Abraham and Isaac. Thanks for this encouraging post.

  2. Just over nine years ago, the Lord brought me to a place of surrender. My 4-year-old was badly burned and her life hung in the balance. I think the Lord gives His grace as we need it, and in those moments of not knowing whether she would live or die, He poured out His grace upon me and I was able to say with conviction, “Though He slay HER, yet will I praise Him.” But apart from Christ, there’s no way those sentiments would have escaped my mind, let alone my lips. Yes… given the alternatives, though they be wonderful and beautiful ones, I choose HIM. Often it seems that it was easier to do that in the midst of trial (His grace at work in me) than it is to surrender the small things. That daily dying to self… is sometimes more difficult than trusting Him with the huge issues. But for His grace… oh, but for His grace.

    Great post, Jim!

  3. What Christians call dying daily in imitation and expectation of Christ is what a Satanist experiences as transformation through experience. The Satanic fire burns off a little more of the lesser self, allowing the greater self to emerge, the one not attached to or bound by ego. Holding on to the lesser self is what causes pain. The greater self is immortal and deathless, and witnesses the experiences of the lesser self, learning from them without being entrapped by them. In both instances, Christian and Satanist, our gratitude comes in that moment of recognition of what truly is happening behind the outer scenes the world insists are the only real ones.

    “Abraham could have Isaac, or Abraham could have God, but he could not have them both.” Abraham chooses God, and in the end is rewarded by the sacrifice that God provides in place of Isaac. By surrendering the lesser, we gain both lesser and greater, with the difference that we’ve given up our attachment to them, and let God’s grace/the Satanic Will flow through us. So often we stand in our own way when we see through that little self. And that is the self that dies daily anyway, and will die wholly. Then the old split in us is healed, and we are whole and holy. The Eastern Orthodox Church calls it theosis.


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