4 comments on “Telling Yourself the Truth

  1. You know your right, but somtimes its just as hard to tell ourselves the truth as it is others. But at least you figured it out and did the best thing for you. Somtimes for me just figuring out what direction to go or where God wants me is pretty hard. But I appreciate the little bits of your book that you share it looks like it will be a great read. Candi

  2. Love the picture…I remember those days so well… what a blest time and a great time of growth for us all. Looking forward to your book!

  3. I remember that picture, and your mom, how is she? What you said is so true …… whatever is in the dark, will come out in the light, so why lie and try to hide ………… just a waste of time……

  4. “When you lie to yourself about how you truly feel, neither drugs, prayer nor rebuking the devil will cure what ails you.”


    Which is my kids’ way of saying – “heavy, Man”


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