7 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me – Micah 6:8

  1. I just finished reading Unleashed by Erwin Raphael McManus (previously The Barbarian Way). Jesus said simply “Follow Me.” It is our unwillingness to deal with the suffering, the uncertainty of the adventure, that hinders our “follow.” Faith in the Master. Simple faith. I so agree with you, that we complicate the message. Great post! ~ Ruth

  2. I liike what Jesus said when they asked him “what is it to do the works of the Father?”

    He said, “believe in the one whom the Fasther has sent.”

    We will often fail at doing even that. But we have a Savior. One who knows who and what we really are. And who loves and forgives us anyway.

  3. So glad I clicked over to this post today. In the past three months my husband and I have hit a serious of trials that have tested my faith. I, too, have begun to ask the small questions. I decided a month ago to study, in depth, the meaning of Micah 6:8. It has been both challenging and refreshing. I am learning that: yes, it is simple . . . . but, no, it is not easy. Wish we were in the Midwest, I would certainly come to hear you preach.

  4. ‘Ol Adam,

    And you went and narrowed it down even further. Very well said that we have a Savior who knows who and what we really are. Now all I have to do is quit trying to be someone else!

  5. Thank you Sir for posting this! I am from Riga, Latvia and today I read this verse for first time in my life. I was searching in google what others say about this verse and I found your post. I have 24 and it is encouraging to read how God has spoken to you through this verse. I can see some similarities between your experience and my life. Thank you!

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