4 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Romans 12:1

  1. I like this post, and I have also discovered the same thing. I was in a relationship and a career that I knew was wrong, but I stayed in it for the security. I kept asking God to show me my purpose and then I would leave my current life behind to follow that purpose. Finally, after waiting for so long, I left it all behind even when I had no idea what was in store for me. It has been a long and difficult road, but I have now what I didn’t have before, and that is the peace of knowing patience and having faith, even when I don’t know exactly where I am going.

  2. Welcome to the long road of trusting God. I completely understand not knowing where you’re going. Other that Heaven, I don’t know what is in store for me even tomorrow. I guess that is why it is called “faith.”

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.


  3. “I still don’t know what God’s ultimate will for my life is, but I don’t give it as much thought as I used to. Every morning I wake up and look for ways to serve Him. And if, and at the end of the day, I can see where He has used me to touch a small corner of the world, and I thank Him for using me. Isn’t that a logical, if not spiritual way, to worship God?”

    In recent years I have learned to look for ways serve God daily rather than trying to figure out His will for tomorrow. Moreover, I’ve learned He reveals His will to me within the moment and at other times when I examine the past His will is made known to me. Rarely, do I know His will for my future other than the same future all Christians will share coporatlely.

    God’s will is not that difficult to know and at times it’s quite simple, but our stubborness, my stubborness, wants to complicate it.

    Jim, again, an inspirational exhortation which has added to my daily growth in Christ. Indeed, you are a gifted teacher.

  4. I choose to live an abundant life. In that abundance, I find the perfection of God’s will and purpose in my life. How this plays out is with patience, perseverance and long suffering I look to see where God is working and ask to step along side. He always has His arms wide open when I take action according to His revelation.

    In October I go to Africa to speak to men about integrity. This will be a first trip to one of the poorest countries in the world. It should be quite the “God Spot” and in God’s will. 🙂

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