6 comments on “Thoughts on Holiness

  1. Wished it was apparent that Albert was a believer… He was certainly a very gifted person. I’m sure mediocrity would have been a huge frustration. As for running from naysayers. That is tough. They are everywhere.

    For a guy that lives out of the box, few people relate or are comfortable with the out of box experience. I’ve notice, God lives out of the box. Seems to be contridictory.

  2. “Accept and embrace your … sins and limitations”?…

    I understand the need to accept my limitations (accepted by God also), but my sins (unacceptable to God)?!!!

    Brother Jim, what are you talking about?

  3. Until I accept and embrace the fact that those sins are mine, I will not confess them. It is not holy to say, “Now that I prayed the ‘sinner’s prayer’ I’m no longer a sinner and have no further need for forgiveness.” Instead, it is a movement towards holiness when we admit we still fall short of God’s glory and readily admit our continued need for God’s forgiveness. God accepts the fact we sin. However, He cannot accept us into His presence unless we confess that sin. So, by accepting our sin and asking forgiveness, we find God’s acceptance of us into His presence.

  4. Then “accept” may not be the best choice of word regarding sin in your original statement, and not in the plural (“sins”), but in the singular (the propensity to sin).

    Thanks for the clarification.

  5. You’re probably right. I’m not the best person to edit my own writings. Thanks for the clarifications and the challenges. We all need them.



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