4 comments on “Cranky with God

  1. Thanks be to God that He loves and died for real sinners…like me, and you.

    And tht our inability to deal with people in a godly manner is not a barrier to His love for us.

  2. That’s how I judge my “servant’s heart”… How do I respond when God asks me to serve another? Willingly or begrudgingly?

    When I am resistant to serve, I know my heart’s not right – and usually my prayer time is lacking.

    It’s an indication that He is not currently on the throne in my life- and it reminds me that I’m probably sitting in the wrong seat!

  3. Deby,

    Thanks for the comment. I never thought about my servant’s heart as an indicator of my prayer time–or lack thereof! And, like you, I often find myself in the wrong seat, so to speak. It’s then I have to remind myself that however much I want to be like Christ, there is a BIG difference between Jim and Jesus!



  4. ‘Ol Adam,

    I completely amazes me how much my lack of a godly manner never bars me from the love of God. I don’t think I’ll ever wrap my brain around that truth. And, maybe we’re not supposed to.


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