4 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Nehemiah 1:5-6

  1. Jim,

    I was intrigued by your post and could not resist a reply. From one who enjoys writing to another who enjoys the same, I have to ask if you have ever tried journaling your prayers. I started about 5 years ago. I find it helps me focus. Sometimes my first line is, ‘I don’t really have anything on my mind this morning’, and 6 pages later I close the book. It is responsible for what has now become a passion for God and writing. Just thought I’d mention it.

    All for now,


  2. Oh Jim, how this sounds so familiar. =)
    I’m so glad our Lord has opened our hearts to know HIS heart. I have found myself delighting in His presence more than ever in my life, and when leaving it…I am changed.
    It is not the amount of time we spend in prayer, but the amount of our lives and hearts and spirit invested in our Lord that is so precious to Him.
    I know He is doing something amazing for those who seek him and you Jim are one of them.
    I pray today, that the Lord will reveal to you His heart…to know, and to abide by His desires. To glorify our King.
    Thank you for thinking out loud. =)


  3. Hey Jim! There was a reason Jesus sweat drops of blood in the garden. Prayer is tough! It is why most spend little time in it. Was it Brother Lawrence I think that talked of walking continuously in prayer? I tried it a few times. I couldn’t multitask. It was either I prayed or I did work. Had a tough time doing both, but would have liked to. I think it must require annointing or discipline, maybe both. 🙂

  4. @archie – “I think it must require annointing or discipline, maybe both.”

    I think praying is surely an anointing that we receive. Praying for someone is not just about saying the right words, but it’s having the right feelings in your heart when you say those words. When we pray for ourselves, we know the pain, and this comes across in our prayers. But it’s not easy for us to see another’s pain, and pray accordingly. IMO it’s only anointing that lets you see and feel the pain of others.

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