4 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — James 2:1

  1. Maybe this story will help others understand why you should not show favoritism, in fact James 2:1 in the New Testament, says favoritism is forbidden!
    The Story:
    An old man poorly dressed, wearing a look of a laborer on his face, because he looked the part of a person that work out of doors. One day he walked into this company where they sold expensive yachts. Entered the showroom and walked pass five salesmen sitting in a circle telling joke and having fun. He went to a yacht with a price tag of $250 thousands, and looking at three different yachts for 30 minutes, walked out, passing the salesmen chatting and still having fun.
    Two weeks later the old man returned looking the same, wearing the same clothes. As he approached the door the new salesman standing near the door said, “Good Morning may I help you, sir.” The old man said yes “I was in and looked at your yachts and I have made a decision, and I know the one I wish to purchase. I want the one you have priced at $250 thousands and I want to pay cash, because I sail a lot and don’t need the headaches, taking time to send in payments.”
    The new salesman wrote up the purchase and made his first sale.

  2. So true. We all practice favoritism in one way or another. It’s a story as ancient as time… I’ve been studying Genesis and can’t help but think of Isaac and Rebbeka favoring and pitting their sons against one another… and then of Jacob favoring Rachel over Leah… and then Joseph over the other sons… even within the bonds of familial ties, favoritism has been rampant. I think Satan uses this tool masterfully to keep the saints from being effective for Christ.

    Only in completely dying to self can we realize a life without partiality.

    Great post, Jim!

  3. Hmmm… I have heard that there were a sort of heiracy with Jesus… I mean like there was the multitude… the twelve, the three Peter James and John and that John was closest to his heart. I don’t recall seeing this particulary in any scriptures, but it was preached that way.

    I wonder though.. is it possible to NOT show favoritism… i mean we all have our comfort levels. Perhaps the issue is justice or the lack thereof. In other words if I would give Jim Thornber $50 if he needs it cause he’s my guy and I like the way he thinks and searches matters out… it’s only wrong if I DON”T give it to some cat whom I think is simple… though he may have the exact same need for the exact same reason. As long as I am willing to be equitable about my actions I believe is what counts.

    Is that unjust? I kinda doubt it. Love endures and we are to show love and justice to everyone. Like enjoyes and as such at least seems worthy of discrimination. We can indeed learn from those who disagree with us.. and they may become allies as well. But we don’t have to like and favor people who we have nothing in common with for the sake of being “overly righteous.”

    What do you think?

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