4 comments on “You’ve Got Nothing On Me Now, Satan

  1. amen and yay! i love that – satan has no hold on me! and i love your confession of THAT truth – you don’t need to confess to us all and tell us because satan has no hold of you and that is all forgiven and made clean and new and holy and pure! you are forgiven and holy and clean and new and pure and i am holy and clean and pure and forgiven by the blood of Jesus! so many of us chrsitians stay chained by our past and our sins and our flaws instead of looking up and rejoicing in the victory that God has given us – the grace and forgiveness of God is amazing and transforms us. we must have FAITH that God DOES forgive and make us clean. God doesn’t just say he does it HE DOES IT! he makes it happen and because of that satan has no hold on us!

    fantastic post! made me want to *happy dance* at the greatness and gloriousness and grace of God!

    blessings, fireball

  2. the Lord is truly mind blowing. He has given me friends that i can confess to and they confess to me quite frequently. its funny how before our confession there’s some shame, but afterwards, it brings freedom and healing. its definitely different from just confessing to God.
    im both scared and relieved during confession. again, no condemnation!!! hal-le-lu-jah!

  3. I am confused about you being a Minister of the “Assemblies of God” & a monk with ” The brothers and sisters of Charity ” at the same time. It doesn’t seem to fit in. Kindly explain.

  4. That was 25 years ago, but still part of who I am today. God isn’t easily boxed in, and will go to great lengths to prepare His Children for Christlikeness. Those four years as a monk was part of that process.

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