6 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Revelation 4:6, 8

  1. I can only imagine they get to see the glory of the Lord in a different fashion that us in mere mortal state. I’ve wondered and been “bothered” with that scripture as well.

    I am bothered by the whole disciples leaving their families thing too. Because I know God values families. Suppose it was for three years though right? I wonder if they knew it would be for a season. But I digress.

  2. bbgcmac,

    I don’t think it was only for three years, and I don’t think they abandoned their families. Christian discipleship is a life-long commitment, and we read that many of the Apostles had families. Some may have left their parents and their family jobs, but no one was required to leave their wife and children to follow Christ.

  3. Archie,

    In some ways, yes. I had nine hours a day of alone time to be with God, plus the three times a day the community gathered for worship and prayer. When you live in a Christian community, everything you do is colored and enhanced by your surroundings. You don’t have to go to a “secular” job, for your work is for the community, and by extension, for God. However, one can still worship God in the “secular” world — it just takes more practice and discipline.

  4. Now see? That’s good to know. I never looked at it that way. It was always presented to me like to be a Christian one had to be willing to just forsake all in that context. Leave the family, wife, kids, whatever to show loyalty to Christ.

    I didn’t believe that putting God first meant that type of interpretation – more of a contextual thing of the heart and following the precepts in the word than personal views of the way to handle things.

  5. “they never experienced the grace, mercy and soul-cleansing power of the blood of the Lamb,” – My initial reaction on reading this was “Wow!! never thought of it that way.”

    But then I spent some time thinking of it, and it felt that even without experiencing it themselves, they understood the meaning of these things. They knew what it meant to be lying in the dumps, and then being raised up by His grace and mercy. My thought is that they learnt it by looking at our lives and how God has healed and adopted us inspite of who we were.

    This is where we lack. We are not ready to look at those who are healed and rescued by the Spirit, through the eyes God sees them. When we look at those people, we continue to look at their past.

    When we look at the end result of God’s work, we should be able to see His grace and mercy, without even experiencing it first hand.

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