7 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Hebrews 11:8

  1. Hi, Jim! Hope you are well.

    How many of us have prayed hard for something that never happened. We were so disappointed at the time. Later on, we look back and think, ‘Thank goodness!’

    My mom always used to say, ‘Things happen for a reason.’ (A very irritating thing to hear, but true.) Sometimes it just takes a while to see why!

    BTW, is it all right if I add you to my blogroll?

  2. Apologies–I should have said ‘please’.

    But that made me think of another question. My best friend and I were talking about Job the other week and both of us find him perplexing. Do you have any Job posts? And, did they change the ending to a happy one to make it more palatable?

    Thanks in advance on both points!

  3. Churchmouse,

    I’d be honored to be part of your blogroll. I’ve never heard of a “change” to the book of Job, and I don’t have any articles on the book, but that is a good idea.



  4. Hi, Jim

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    You’re on my blogroll now — many thanks!

    Re Job, I ran across this article by William Safire from the NYT some time ago:


    It relates to comments from Howard Dean about the book, such as this quote:

    “Many people believe that the original version of Job is the version where . . . Job ends up completely destitute and ruined,” said Dean in his correction. That’s accurate, though there’s no other Job book in Scripture with an optimistic ending other than the familiar one. I think he means that some scholars believe that the Old Testament Book of Job that we know was amended by later rabbis fearful of portraying God as unjust.
    **end quote**

    Anyway, when my friend and I were talking about Job, we remember two reactions when reading it when younger (university age): anger at God for plaguing a good and faithful servant and thinking that Job should have thrown in the towel and said he was finished with God and faith. We couldn’t think of a book in the Bible — or a time in our own lives — that generated such emotion about God.

    From what I remember from my university-level class on it (long time ago), perseverance is the whole point of the book, but it seems so extreme and unnecessary. I could go on but will restrain myself 🙂

  5. Hi Jim…

    Just wanted to say hi and tell you we are still hanging around; thinking of you and Barbara all the time.

    I must confess, I cannot remember if I have ever obeyed while the words were still ringing in my ears. My mind doesn’t seem to work like that. I usually take some time before I make a decision, which also includes obedience.

    Much Love & Blessings.
    Hug Barbara for us…
    Michael & Denise

  6. Michael,

    Thanks for thinking of us. It is always good to hear from you.

    Now, I must say that the times I’ve obeyed while God’s instructions are still ringing in my ears have been infrequent, but there are still a few times when I can remember doing so. Other times, I think the ringing comes from God having to hit me with a 2×4 to get my attention!



  7. Sanity check requires a verificaton that the ringing in your ears is not a freight train coming. But really, instant obedience usually produces an incredible feeling of, “all is well with my soul”.

    As for Job, suffering is the fertile ground to perfect God’s will and purpose in one’s life. I think God would prefer to not use suffering as a tool, but he won’t bypass suffering at the expense of His will and purpose.

    Paul summed it up nicely with something like, “to live or die is but gain”.

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