6 comments on “Changed by Worship

  1. Dear Jim,

    Just wanted to let you know I do so love reading your blog. Every time I read what you write or reply to another I always hear Jesus in you. That is a blessing within itself.

    I love the way you reply with the truth but not with persecution. Few are granted that grace it seems now-a-days. You truly have been.

    I am Catholic but a Convert, so I know both sides of the coin also. I lost many friends when I converted and was told some pretty “mean” things, and still am:>) I can let it roll off a little better now though, at times.

    Anyhow, just wanted to let you know, your blog is a place of peace for me.

    God Bless, Sandy

  2. Sandy,

    Thanks for your kind words, especially about the way I reply to people. I make it a practice to remember that the people I respond to are the people Jesus died for, loves and created. They don’t need me to condemn them — they’ve probably had enough of that. To be attracted to God, people need to be attracted to His followers. I think that most people show a disbelief in God because they’ve been disillusioned by His representatives.

    Every so often I get a little discouraged, wondering if my book will ever get published and if my blog is really doing anyone any good. Then I receive a comment like yours and I think, “God is doing something through my writing and every once in a while, He let’s me know.” Through you, He did.



  3. You are doing well Jim with what God has called you to do, so I would not worry. Sometimes it is not that we touch the multitudes but the few who truly need touching. I feel you do that quite well.

    As far as your book. In God’s timing dear friend. If it is His will it will sell a million or better.

    Just keep up the good work. Sometimes I come to your blog just for a moment of silence and to catch my breath. That is a good thing which God has given to you the grace to provide.

    God Bless, Sandy

  4. Jim,

    I wanted to find out why some people look down or turn up their noses to others that raise their hands in a worship service so I googled it and got your blog! I used to be a Catholic and now attend Baptist services. I really enjoyed reading your blog for the first time. It has been my experiences that the people that are uncomfortable with the raising of the hands are Catholic or Lutheran. Is there any significance here? I am very curious. I know when I was Catholic I thought anything different was just weird. Maybe that is all it is from these people. And I am being asked now if I want to become a nun? HA I am no longer Catholic and I am much more spiritual and not afraid to share it. Which is what I end up telling them. Thank you for your blog.


  5. Trish,

    Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I hope you continue to enjoy them as you continue to read.

    I don’t think there is any significance to your observation that mostly Catholics and Lutherans don’t like to raise their hands. Actually, I know numerous people in all types of denominations who are comfotable raising their hands. For those of us who grew up in or attend a charasmatic/pentecostal church, raising our hands is an intimate part of our musical worship experience. We lift our hands because Scripture tells us to. Still, I’ve been in churches where my wife or I were among the very few who raised our hands, and although there was a feeling of being self-conscious, nobody ever asked us to leave!

    I encourage you to continue to worship God in any way that enhances your corporate worship experience. Personally, I don’t enjoy singing in worship as much as I do playing the piano. Some of my greatest times with God comes when I’m at the piano, not when I’m in the congregation. So find your place in worship and ENJOY!



  6. mmMm worship. my favorite thing to do in life. it seems as though where ever you are in life, God still loves His childrens worship and praises. personally i just love to get on my knees and face and just worship like that.
    i love in samual where king solomon just finished building the temple…and the fire of the Lord filled the altar…and when that happened, all peoples fell on their faces to the pavement..and worshiped.

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