10 comments on “My Chosen Addiction

  1. I knew what your addiction would be before I read this post. However, I was not prepared for how you presented it.
    I am still smoking, lo’ these many years. Have stopped a number of times, but the stress I feel is just too much and I give up.
    Your approach has given me new insite ~ that along with a series of daily devotions from Rick Warren on “Surrender”.
    I know it is time for me to surrender this addiction. You have given me some tools that will help.
    Thank you so much ~ God’s words through your writing have encouraged, inspired and motivated me.
    I love you, dear brother in Christ. sueb

  2. Thank you, Sue. Your words mean very much to me, because I know a bit of the heart that is behind them. I will pray for you and your smoking. And thank you for, even in a small way, putting my writing and the devotions from Rick Warren in the same sentence!

    Love you,


  3. And why shouldn’t you be in the same sentence. You both are men of God ~ just with different writing styles. Both of you write with a Target-focus.

  4. Never heard of an “obedience addict” ……. that’s a good addiction …………….. not easy to get hooked on …………

  5. Excellent. Thought provoking though the humor –

    “What am I addicted to that takes the place of obedience to Christ?”

    thank you – Beth

  6. I am reminded of St Augustine’s little joke: God grant me chastity…but not yet.
    Within a marriage is it possible to be addicted to sex?

  7. Viv,

    Is it possible to be addicted to sex in a marriage? Yes, in the same way it is possible to get drunk on the bottle of wine I own. Anything can be abused and taken out of its intended form or purpose.



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