2 comments on “Worship as Service

  1. Well, I am now in one of those growing periods. This article has come to mean more to me now in my new church. There are a few things that I am not only accustomed to doing, but that I think are correct inclusions in a service of worship. They do not do these things. There are some others that I have not been doing for some time that they do. Some I like – some are not very important to me. But they have a community pattern that has become both meaningful and important to them. Apparently, I need to learn their ways before I am able to share traditions of my own – PINCH – and need to humble myself – PINCH – and grow in some ways that I have not had to grow in for quite a while – PINCH PINCH PINCH.

    One chapter of a book by Henry Nouwen has become very dear to me in this. In his book, In the Name of Jesus, he writes about the sin of Relevance. For his argument, this is, essentially, placing greater trust in your techniques and your knowledge than learning how to love those you are called to serve and finding out how THEY NEED to be served – not how you want to serve them.

    Big, big pinch!

  2. Don,

    Thanks for letting me know that. I’ve posted this before, but in my continuing effort to shamelessly promote my book (which I’m SURE you’ve purchased by now….), I like to post again for those who may have missed it the first time. It’s good to learn that my writing is having it’s desired effect — touching lives and helping them grow in their relationship with God.



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