3 comments on “Mary Simply says “Yes”

  1. I spoke on Luke 2 and how Mary is a model for God to impregnate us with his Spirit so that we can do exactly what you wrote about…take him everywhere we go.

    Like Mary–We are human Luke 2:34 , we struggle with understanding
    I discovered, like Mary–We are blessed Luke 2:28, 42 chosen, set apart by God to accomplish something great for his kingdom
    I discovered, like Mary– We must live a life of praise 2:46-56 we must give God all glory for our lives.

    Most importantly, we must believe v 37 For nothing is impossible with God.

    I also remember the moment that I discovered the sense of hope found in God using an unwed pregnant teenage girl…. it could be the message that turns around the lives of millions of girls if they could only see how blessed they are, and how God intends to use their lives in a powerful way.

    I recently started a new blog @ howtobeatree.com

    (It’s crazy that you said say YES, because a few Christmas’ ago I wrote a Children’s Ministry Curriculum around that very saying…Say YES to Jesus!)

  2. Tiffany,

    I’m glad to hear that we’re thinking alike on the same verse. I’d say the Holy Spirit is teaching many people the same lesson. It’s also nice to know we’ve heard Him correctly!

    I’ll check out your new blog.



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