9 comments on “Quit Whining About Work!

  1. You know who is grateful to go to work? Someone who hasn’t HAD work in a while. I have said – out loud and several times – “Thank you Lord – I have work today!” Because there were far too many days for me where there was no work – where “work” was just trying to find work. The economic implications of not having work are obvious – and frightening. But there is even more damage done to a person’s sense of self when that person doesn’t have anything productive to do with their time.

    Work is not a curse – it is a blessing. Tedium begins in the mind!

  2. Don,

    Thanks for your quick reply. I understand. I’ve been unemployed. I guess what really bothers me are ungrateful, and therefore self-centered, Christians. Christ came as a baby (and we celebrate this fact by going into debt buying gifts for people who already have too much to appreciate any more) in order to give His life a sacrifice, and instead of being grateful for Calvary, we finish unwrapping our presents and wonder, “Is this all?” I’m glad for every day I put two feet on the floor and go to a job where they appreciate my presence. As such, I’m just a bit frightened to tell God He made a mistake by making me work for a living instead of granting me a seven-day weekend. And Don, I’m so GLAD you’re working again. Not as glad as you and you’re family, but glad because you’re my friend.



  3. GREAT WORD. I do agree. We should be greatful for the job God has allowed us to have. But more than that, we should be greatful that God will use us for His work & glory in our work environment.

    Thanks for always being straight forward.

    I’ll still keep you as my friend.
    Give my love to Barbara.

  4. Thanks, Michael. I wasn’t really worried I’d stop being your friend. You’re one of the few people I know who is more straight forward than I am!

  5. Wait a minute! There is someone in this world who tells it plainer that Thornber? How did God allow THAT to happen. My eyes are watering already.

  6. Yes, work is not always truly appreciated until it is taken away. You don’t need my approval, but am so glad you “tell it like it is”…even when it hurts!

  7. Aside from the theological dimensions of work, on a practical level what makes a vacation or a long weekend so delicious is that there IS work. The presence of work makes leisure pleasurable. I have known one or two people through the years who were wealthy enough not to have to have employment. By and large, those people found work to do – ways to define their existence by being involved in a productive activity. One VERY wealthy friend (a golden parachute case who worked in big pharmaceuticals) sold his mansion and he and his wife joined YWAM. It is in our God-defined nature to need to be productive.

  8. Stop Jim! Now I have something else to think about! 🙂 I hate to say I am one of those work complainers on FB….I have a very stressfull job that I am sure God meant for me to be at temporary…but I am still stuck at! I think I have to add one more resolution. Positive outlook about work. I should consider myself blessed to even have a job in this economy! Thanks Jim, I needed to read this! Maybe I should send you a friend request! 🙂

  9. Compulsive,

    I’m always glad to hear something I’ve written has stuck a chord. I used to be a complainer, but now I know better and try my best to thank God for every opportunity to work — even if it is a temporary job I don’t enjoy. And God knows I’ve had a few of those! Most jobs are seasonal in that people rarely spend their whole life doing one thing. This can be good if we dislike the job and bad if it is our dream job. I guess the key is to have a grateful heart regardless of where we’re at.



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