8 comments on “Don’t Look Back!

  1. That is quite a statement (Paul’s in this case) coming from a Jew – about whom it is said they walk into the future facing backwards. Perhaps your is advise I should heed more closely. I have a tendency to rehearse disappointments and failures a lot.

  2. Well, I see the problem. You’re trying be be a god by imitating something that’s already been done, such as creating a universe that already exists. To be a real god (I read this in the “How To Be Your Own God Handbook”), you have to try something new, something that has never been done. Let me know what you come up with.

  3. Thank you, Archie. I pray this next year finds you prospering in health and the ability to give even as the Lord oversees the prosperity of you soul.

  4. Jim, you could have lost an eye not acting your age….LOL….gotta love it when wives, like myself, remind our husbands that they are no longer boys but grown men especially when they are playing like boys…..I love Paul’s letter the the Ephesians great advice for us no matter what our age, but seems that as we mature we tend to want to look back more. In our younger days we were in a hurry to get on with our lives. Looking back more often then not poses danger. Remember Lott’s wife. Looking back was a bad idea for her, so was not listening/obeying God…..(my new year’s resolution BTW)…Thanks Jim for giving me something to think about today.

  5. Looking back isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it is good to look back and remember all those things God has delivered us from. It bolsters our faith to know if He’s done it once He’ll do it again. I simply don’t want to get caught up in fearing my past because I’ve not always given it to God. One of my favorite authors, Francis Frangipane, said, “You cannot alter your past, but you can bring your past to the altar.” And once we’ve done that, we need to take our hand off it leave it there! Too often we look back not in praise for what God has brought us through, but in fear it is gaining on us. But something that is on the altar is dead and can no longer harm us. We (I) need to quit resurrecting stuff I gave to God. Easy to say, but hard to do. Maybe I’ll make that my New Year’s resolution, too!



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