2 comments on “Why Me?

  1. I think the reason that we are left so speechless at God’s reception of all that we are – flat-sides and all, is that we have such a hard time understanding that God regards all things differently than we do. God’s entire perspective on what life is – its plan and purpose – are so completely different from our own that the two are irreconcilable. That is why we have to trust. Even an explanation from “on high” would be meaningless to us because of our inability to understand God’s perspective. The simplest way for me to describe it is this – nothing that has value here has any value in eternity.

  2. Don,

    I’d like to say, “Nothing but Love has any value in eternity,” but then I believe even our concept of the greatest love in the universe pales in comparison with what we’ll learn about love when we stand face to Face.



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