8 comments on “When, Not If

  1. okay you have me turning (again) to Matthew. We have a snow day- good time to dig in to the Word. Thank you for the challenge.

  2. It’s not possible to over state the importance of “finding Him”. How many will regret their lazy approach to Holiness. We scream with holy passion. And that is as it should be for those who know Him who calls.

    By His Grace.

  3. Good point. It is one thing to search, it is another thing to stop once you’ve found the Source. Unfortunately, Pat didn’t when I knew him. I hope he eventually did.

  4. The real Christ….I have been looking for a “church home”, I have even changed denmoinations…..looking for my place in this world…I am going to stop looking and read Mathew 6..I will get back with you in a few days…..I think I am looking in the wrong direciton.

  5. I read Mathew 6 and I can see you point. It is easy to look like we are doing all the right things on the out side, (giveing, praying, worshiping) But when we really look at the motivation behind it, we have to ask ourselves, is our heart in the right place when we do these things? Are we giving because we know we have too or are we fasting and praying or just praying?

    Christianity is a challenge and not always easy.

  6. C.W.,

    I think part of the “uneasiness” of Christianity is the fact that Jesus gives us a general principle (Love God and Neighbor) but doesn’t give us a list of when, why, where and how to do that. We apply love as love demands, regardless of our feelings and personal observations. We are to give, pray and fast because it is the right thing to do, not because it makes us look spiritual or feel holy.



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