3 comments on “Pastor Permission Giver

  1. I get emails on your blog and this post I just hadn’t gotten to (busy with life). Today I finally had some time over lunch for reading. This line stuck with me….”He wants you to become the best you can be by putting Jesus first in every part of your life.”

    IF I had read this when you first posted, I don’t think it would have jumped out at me quite the same, because last week someone sent me a link to this site.

    http://www.iamsecond.com/#/seconds/Jason_Castro/ (Just one story of many)

    Thanks again Jim for your blog… keep writing and I’ll keep reading!

  2. I’ve had a question for a while. I have these desires and dreams and talents that God has given me i and I wanted to go to school for that and progress them. Every talent I have only picture myself using them for his glory, my problem is though I went to bible school 2 years and know I feel if I don’t go back for internship there or go straight into the ministry so to say then I’m not doing fully all God plan. I guess Ibsen that if your whole life is not in a church doing ministry work all the time your not fully do what God can do in your life….

  3. Rachel,
    That is a good question — can you fully serve God if you’re not in doing it in the church full time? My answer is, ABSOLUTELY!!! Although I pastor a church, I also work at a lumber yard full time, which gives me wonderful opportunities to talk with people I would never have talked with if I was cooped up in my office at the church.

    Now, think about Paul. He wasn’t doing his ministry in a church. He was out among people, not in a building. In fact, he even had to make tents to support himself. Furthermore, if every person who ministered only ministered while they were in a church or on staff at a church, most ministry that takes place would never happen.

    I believe that every person, EVERY person, that has a saving relationship with God has a place of ministry in God’s kingdom. I don’t believe, and I don’t teach, that the job the pastor does in the local church is any greater for the Kingdom that what a mother does when she stays home and raises her kids while her husband goes to work every day (even though stay at home mom’s are a rarity!). Raising godly children IS a ministry, and a tough one at that. I believe that the desires God puts in your life to be used for His glory can, and should, be used anywhere and everywhere. If your desires are related to teaching the Bible, then definitely, get all the education you can. I went back for a Master’s degree when I was 44. However, if your desires are to paint pictures, or cook meals, or teach deaf children or design shoes, then educate yourself in those areas and become the best you can be at it. God knows why He gave you those desires, and He’ll show you how you can best use those gifts and talents for His glory. Please, NEVER succumb to the idea that if your not ministering in the church, your not ministering. God is WAY too creative to be limited to spreading His glory through the four walls of a building that will one day decay and rot away.



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