6 comments on “Mary Had It Worse

  1. I disagree… Death is merely an end of operation to the mechanical shell we call a body… I have seen this with my own eyes… People can will themselves to live or die.

    The worse invention ever created is pain. Its a great warning device, but in the end, what was meant to help us just hurts us. Its makes most people afraid of death. I choose to believe that I will not die when I die. As I hope you do as well.

    My respects to you for having to watch her passing. Suffocation is never pretty to watch, but it could have been something far worse. At least at near death, the brain is disoriented from lack of oxygen and can not register pain any more.

    She is free, and one day we will be as well.

  2. Jim, Sorry for your loss. Thanks for be vulnerable so those of out here can learn/grow from your experiences.

  3. Robert,

    I agree that death is the end of the body, not the spirit. But the grieving over the loss of her physical presence remains. There is a palpable absence in my life that will only be filled when I see my parents once again.



  4. My grandma too lost her battle on February 1st, and now she has rejoined my grandfather who we lost only seven months before. I was away at college during her illness, but I watched my grandpa’s rapid and painful decline. Thank you for this post, it helps to bring loss into perspective.

  5. Jim Our body is where we live while we are present on earth. I remember that from my nanny’s funeral many years ago. It still did not comfort me in losing her. It didn’t fill the place she had filled so vibrantly in my life. Grief does ease with time but it stings in every part of your body when we lose someone.
    You are still in our prayers.
    thanks for posting the sacrificial picture of our Saviour’s parents as they watched HIm give all for us.

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