4 comments on “A Poor Woman’s Rich Offering

  1. Don’t let it get to you too much, Jim. Otherwise that other saying of Jesus, the one where he tells the disciples that “no one can be his disciple unless they divest themselves of all they own”, will drive you further to despair.

    Take it the way you take the rest of God’s law, as a mirror that exposes your sinfulness, and be glad that you have a Savior who loves and died for real sinners…like us.

  2. Jim my best response to you is this. what is your devotion to god. If you treat god like I treat my wife, then you would give your last cent to know that she is happy.

    I do believe if you looked at it that way you would be like the old lady. Like the stories in the bible say. The richer you are the farther you can become from god. If the millionaire was very devoted, just imagine how much effort and devotion he was giving to god. He literally must have believed with every fiber of his being, because he could very easily live a secular life full of sin.

    I believe the less you have the easier you can have a relationship with god. Mainly because you have no distractions, nothing to get in the way, or nothing to pride yourself on. You are humble and thankful for even the smallest things you get. unlike the rich.

    Could I do it, I don’t know, on one hand I hear “why not, its not like you have anything to lose.” and on the other “NO WAY! we have to hunt and save every little thing we can to better our self.”

  3. Robert,

    I understand completely. One one hand I do say, “I have nothing to lose if I give it all to God.” On the other hand, I’m thinking, “Yeah, but I still have to pay the rent.” God understands our need to pay the bills, but He also knows we need to make Him first in our lives. And making Him first isn’t for His benefit, but for ours. It was how we were created to live. By making anything in our lives — our spouse, career, children, money, hobbies, etc. — more important than God actually means we’re living below our created standard. If I can afford to buy a Ferrari, but for the rest of my life only drive it within the city limits of my town, I’m using that car below its intended purpose and created standard. When we give our first and best to anything but God, then everything else in our life gets second best. However, when our first devotion is to God, then God helps us see that the rest of our lives — our spouse, career, children, money, hobbies, etc. — receive the best they were created for.

    You also said you believe the less we have the easier we can have a relationship with God. This true on many levels, and one of the main reasons I left California in 1988 to join a monastery in Eureka Springs, AR. (Have you read my book on that, yet? I can get you a signed copy at a discount. I know the author very well….). With less to worry about I had more time to devote myself to God. However, I must tell you it did not eliminate all my selfishness. We’re still sinful people, and those sins rear their ugly head even in a monastic community. But, it was easier to concentrate on God.

    Thanks for your comment. I always enjoy them.


  4. ‘Ol Adam,

    I don’t take it too hard. I just see how much I SAY God has everything and how far I have to go before He does. However, that doesn’t make me despair. At least I’m aware of the fact, and that is good. It is better to know you’ve got a ways to go and keep traveling, than believe you’ve arrived when, in fact, you’re still in the desert.


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