3 comments on “The Opportunities I Don’t See

  1. Yes, Jim. If only w were more like Jesus. But we aren’t. We are self-obsessed idolators who put ourslves before our neighbor’s needs.

    Thanks be to God that He loves and died for the ungodly like you and me.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Jim! On a personal note, this is exactly what I found Him leading me to do after a breakup with a christian man. That was over a year ago and my heart still is saddened but the best thing I felt the spirit leading me. I found myself repenting but i felt like a turtle hiding away in her shell…it was only when I signed up to volunteer and get out and give love to those that would accept it instead of aching for the love i wanted.

  3. Queen,

    Thanks for your comment. It still amazes me the opportunities that are available to us if we’ll just look beyond our self and, sometimes, our church or denomination. Jesus wasn’t boxed into anything except the love of God and the desire to heal people. I pray God continues to open marvelous doors for you to bless His people with the gifts He has given you.


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