4 comments on ““Jim, go ring the bell.”

  1. God has blessed my husband with a beautiful voice which he uses to sing songs which bring glory to our Lord. Before we were married he warned me that he is often asked to sing in churches and venues that do not necessarily agree with our doctrinal beliefs. Believing that if Christ were living on earth, we’d probably find Him in a bar than a church, I had no problem with this. Sometimes, we are surprised with who asks him to minister, but are always thrilled to be able to share the good news. (Some of our “brothers and sisters” aren’t thrilled…LOL) Yes, our ways of worship are different. But it is all about who Jesus is. As it was with Jesus, it is often “our own” that rejects us. Sometimes we don’t really fit into the AG mold. At times, our thinking is a bit radical…but were looking a bit more like Christ!

  2. Great story, Jim.

    I liked yours too, Ruth.

    It is tough sometimes to swallow our pride and do for others. I seem to not be very good at it.

    But I guess the Lord is still at work in me (us), and when we mess up, He forgives us.

    ‘Ring the bell for others’. I’ll try and remember that.

  3. Great story of the blessings of obedience and sacrifice, Jim. However, I can’t help but think drugs were involved, with all those ‘bongs’!

  4. Cute, Ann. Actually, that bell is no longer being used. There was a tremendous fire at the Little Portion while I was writing the book, and the bell was in the fire. John Michael told me they had to replace the bell when they rebuilt, because the fire destroyed the wonderful sound of that old school bell.

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