5 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — Luke 11:37

  1. Good post, Jim.

    I think it is a GOOD idea to afflict those in your congregation with God’s perfect and relentless law (before yuo hand the gospel over to them each week).

    Our pastor does this very well. I believe one of the reasons that he ‘gets away with it’, is that he includes EVERYONE as target for this (law preaching) and quite often makes examples of himself and how he fails at doing whatever it is.

    This method leaves no one in the room unscathed…except Jesus.

    And then the gospel can come in and forgive, and heal, and make new again.

  2. As an adult, my father shared with me that he struggled with this his entire ministry. But how many of us, as followers of Christ, are willing to follow…except in the paths that might offend ? (I have both hands raised.)
    At first reading, we might say, “Hmmm, kinda rude of Jesus.” But we are to be exactly like Him! Personally, I need to be more bold at speaking truth in love. As always, great post, Jim!

  3. Thank you, Ruth. It’s a struggle all leaders will recognize, especially when their livelihood depends upon the offerings of people who voluntarily attend the fellowship. This is one of the pitfalls, the mixed blessing, of having paid staff.

  4. That’s a good way. However, it gets a little stickier when you must confront someone directly. I find that too often when I throw out a general statement that “afflicts” the congregation, those who need to hear it respond with, “Glad you said that, pastor. Brother Smith sure needed to hear it!”

  5. I love your language in this post, especially the part about the Pharisee questioning/condemning the “creator of the universe.” Nice. One issue I have — who is “Sister Self Righteous?” What about “Brother Self Righteous?” No, seriously, I’m being silly, petty, humorless here…but not sister self-righteous. LOL. God bless. Carley

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